uk mailboxes & mail forwarding for expats

Every day, of every week, another 400 British nationals leave these shores to live, work or retire abroad... and many hundreds more UK military personnel take voluntary resettlement from the armed forces each year and choose to remain overseas.  Whether you have relocated to Australia, Andorra or Antigua, some challenges are exactly the same.

Maintaining a fixed UK postal address for your bank, Passport office, the DVLA or just for on-line shopping can be a real lifeline when something as simple as your favourite British food or a pair of M&S underpants can't be delivered to your address abroad or to an obvious, numbered, PO box!

Having been expats ourselves, the management of expatpost know very well that relying on a well meaning relative or friend to receive and forward your mail is often fraught with problems that only become greater with time.

the simple, cheap and reliable solution... a virtual mailbox from expatpost, with a unique UK accommodation address that is fully accepted by all UK authorities including the DVLA & HMRC, banks, credit card companies, couriers and online retailers!

free mail & parcel forwarding

Have your letters and parcels forwarded as often as you wish to all of the most popular destinations for British expatriates, including; Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, South Africa or the United Arab Emirates... and all you ever pay is the onward postage, at cost!

experienced, professional & dependable

expatpost is a trading style of Expost Logistics Limited, registered in the UK.  After trading without a break for over 16 years as 'The Post House' in Yorkshire, we relocated the business to West Wales in 2011 and incorporated as Expost in February of 2015.

Our mail Centre is fully manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to receive, sign-for and secure your letter post and parcels.  Most importantly for expats, live Support is available by telephone, email, chat and Skype from 6am (UK time) every morning, including weekends, so you always have access to help when you need it!